My Story

My name is Tim Chrisman, and I’m a disabled Army veteran who has suffered from severe osteoarthritis and depression for nearly 10 years. I have extremely limited mobility making it difficult to even play with my kids, and my depression, while managed now, was bad enough to prompt multiple suicide attempts. It horrifies me that other people are in the same sort of crippling pain that I live with, and some are, possibly at this moment, contemplating taking their own life.

That is the animating force behind this blog, and soon, a company making supplements. I know that there are better ways than people taking high doses of pain medicine that fogs their minds, and destroys their internal organs. There are better ways to manage depression than just taking an anti-depressant pill that may or may not work (and in upwards of 10% of cases can cause even more severe depression than what you had originally). That isn’t fully sustainable, and that isn’t how we bring our full selves to life.


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