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Do you suffer from inflammation?

Tired of filling pill boxes with different supplements, anti-inflammation pills and pain medications?

Then it’s time for a Full Solution, our blend of:

natural ingredients

backed by rigorous scientific testing

optimized for your body

Freedom is a Full Solution supplement designed to stop and even reverse the effects of inflammation.

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As we age, we put wear and tear on our joints, so we should protect and provide them with the necessary nutrients to heal. Freedom is an anti-inflammation product that helps alleviate joint pain and inflammation in your joints. It promotes joint health and improves joint mobility and flexibility. It also protects your joints to keep them in good condition even as life, training, and physical activity all take a toll. 

How well do these anti-inflammation ingredients work? Well enough to help reduce bone spurs, and actually increase joint space in patients with knee osteoarthritis. 

Don’t believe us? 

Here are some of the before and after x-rays of patients taking a just one of our ingredients (Boswellia serrata extract or BSE)

At Fully Human, we use only the highest quality ingredients and are committed to transparency about those ingredients. 

Every product is produced in FDA registered and GMP compliant facilities and then tested by a third party laboratory for accurate labeling.

Our most recent certificate of analysis for Freedom is here. 


This measures the raw ingredients per pill rather than per serving (which is two pills)

13 reviews for Freedom Anti-Inflammation Supplement / $79.99 / 180 Tablets

  1. Amy T

    I was super excited to get this in the mail, and have been noticing the change in my joint pain. I just wish the tablets were a little bit smaller.

  2. Phil H.

    I’ve sold supplements online for years so I’m hyper-aware of bold statements and marketing ploys. I was hesitant to buy this because of the price. That’s expensive. But after hearing my knees crack walking up stairs and having inflamed and swollen knees after jiu-jitsu that would prevent me from going, I figure it was worth a shot. After a week, I went to the gym and did my normal leg day. Usually, I feel a sharp pain in my knees while doing leg press or squats: it was gone. This stuff works. It’s one of the few supplements I actually take every day because I KNOW it helps. Try it for yourself and thank me later.

  3. Kenneth A

    I have had difficulty opening and closing my hands for the past few years, but within weeks of starting Freedom, I was noticing a change. Now after two months, I am able to do the woodworking I thought I had to give up.

  4. Patricia L.

    This has helped more than I can say. A product that has amazed me!

  5. Kiki

    Pills were really big and hard for me to swallow. Had to return.

  6. Kevin K.

    I’ve been taking Freedom for a few months now. I take 2 in the mornings and 2 at night, I work out 4-5 days a week. I noticed a big difference in stiffness and inflammation within the first week of taking this. It’s part of my daily routine and will be going forward. I’ve had lapses where I ran out and my body hated me for it.

  7. Brad W.

    On my third bottle of Freedom. I’ve been dealing with bursitis in both shoulders for the last six months or so due to overuse. I started taking this stuff and have noticed a lot of improvement. Shoulder pain and discomfort has gone from pretty much being ever present to not even noticeable most days. After going very light in the gym for the last several months I finally feel like I’m working my way back up to where I was before the bursitis. It takes a few days before it takes its full effect but once it kicks in it really works. I’ve tried cheaper versions with supposedly similar ingredients and had no luck with it. In short, Freedom has me feeling better than I have in six months and I will continue to purchase it in the future. I highly recommend it for chronic joint pain and/or recovering from overuse injuries.

  8. Kimberly V.

    I really would have loved to say that I noticed a difference when taking this product. Unfortunately I did not. That doesn’t mean that someone else wouldn’t, it just means it didn’t help me out. I am not sure exactly how long one needs to consume a product like this to notice any benefit. I have only purchased this one bottle so far, but nothing in the way of improvement was noted. Bummer, I was really hoping to notice something.

  9. Joseph S.

    While this could be the placebo effect, I started taking this two weeks ago and have noticed some improvement already. I am a 40 year old avid crossfitter and runner whose knees started to feel some wear and tear. While I am a big advocate for form and listening to your body, I will be buying this again.

  10. Charlie P.

    I was having a nagging injury to my shoulder. Severely strained rhomboid muscle is what the doctor said. He gave me the usual “stretch it out and take some asprin for the pain” routine. That went on for about three weeks but the pain was incredible. I was even seeing a physcial therapist. After seeing an ad on Facebook I figured what the heck and ordered some Freedom. I was skeptical at best. It arrived super fast. Three days I believe. I started taking 2 in the morning and 2 at night. By Monday the pain in my shoulder was gone and I had full mobility. I am in total disbelief. I wish I would have found this earlier earlier before dumping all my money on useless doctor appointments and physical therapy. I can’t say this is the end all be all but at 43 and being pretty active and athletic, I can say this has made a huge difference and has become a regular supplement for me, right next to my multi vitamin.

  11. Emma C.

    I must say I have tried 2 other brands of Turmeric and they both were good, they helped with my sciatic pain that I have daily. I took a chance on this product because it says that it uses herbal products also in with the turmeric and I must say this one is far better. Instructions say to take 2 pills 3x a day. I only have to take once and sometimes 2x a day, and I feel great through out the day.

  12. Ed W.

    I bought this product expecting perhaps minor relief from my back pain, which has been a constant for the past year and steadily worsening. I was truly shocked at how quickly it worked…after just two doses I had nearly zero pain. I have been taking it religiously for a week now and have no inflammation in my lower back. The injury is still there but the pain stems primarily from the inflammation, which is now thankfully gone.
    Knowing that everyone deals with back pain at some point in their life I would gladly recommend this to all, and have done so to my friends and family.
    I am always the skeptic when it comes to pills of any kind and try to steer clear of any pharmaceutical, man-engineered products, which is why I gave this a shot.
    Please try it for yourself!

  13. Shula

    My arthritis is getting worse every day, so I decided to look for an effective supplement to help me with it. I took a chance and purchased these pills, and dare I say, just after a few days, I felt better! The anti-inflammatory factor really worked, my legs don’t feel stiff anymore, and there was no more pain. This is a good enough 2-in-1-anti-inflammatory-and-painkiller combination. It was a huge help.

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